42nd-Works Staff

Works42 - Development & Management

  Works42 specializes in software engineering, as well as web design and back-end development. He began learning web design practices in late 2005 and has worked as a freelance web developer for the past five years. He has worked on various projects including: video game fan websites, small business websites, corporate identities, and web application development. Along with his work as a web designer he has developed several personal projects, the latest of which can be found here on 42nd-Works.com.

  He is currently a student at Florida Atlantic University, pursuing a B.S. in computer science and software engineering. His spare time is spent as a musician and working on other web projects.

Assassin0795 - Content Design & Development

  Assassin0795, in his spare time, has been an un-paid admin across several servers, games, and forum boards with both large and small communities. When not moderating, he is involved in other communities as a normal player. He also enjoys partaking in real life hobbies such as running with friends and playing the violin. Assassin0795 met Works42 back in 2010 via a forum community; 42nd-Works and Combaticus is the first project he has worked on from scratch in collaboration with Works42.

  Assassin0795 attends Clarkson University pursuing a B.S. in computer science.

Engineer - Design & Marketing

Engineer, comes from a long family history of creative people of all different fields such as, fashion illustration, graphic design, photography, food businesses, etc. He has an Adobe Photoshop CS4 certification. He also learned web design practices starting in the summer of 2012. He has worked on projects as a web designer since 2012.

He is currently working on a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. In his spare time, he likes to teach himself new languages. He can read and write in Russian and he plans on learning Arabic soon. Besides being fluent in several languages, he also enjoys talking to people around the world about electric vehicles and has plans to build one himself.