Welcome to 42nd-Works.com

42nd-works.com is the former home of the legacy PHP game engine called the 42nd-WorksGE or 42GE for short. The engine whent through five iterations before finally being retired in July of 2016. The list of games built using the engine can be found below:


In addition to being the first game developed using 42GE-1, Combaticus acted as the primary flagship for all iterations of the engine upto and including the final 5th version.


Twenty-Sixty-Four was first released on 42GE-3 and featured more dynamic interractions such as consumable objects owing to its being set in a future landscape rather than historical.

Seven Seas

Seven Seas was the youngest game using the 42GE engine. First built with 42GE-4, Seven Seas featured an island/pirate asthetic returning 42GE to its historic roots.