Welcome to 42nd-Works.com

Welcome to 42nd-Works.com. What once started as a place to host a few text-based role playing games, has since been expanded to be no more than a place to showcase the game development work of those responsible for the creation and maintenance of this website. Itís really just a sandbox for the staff members, and if you happen to take joy in anything here, then good for you!

Our staff does attempt to support users as much as possible, and all things located here are entirely free, because we have no social-life and enjoy making these things. It really is just a big jumble of fun.

All games here use the same user account, so to get started, you should create an account by clicking here. It's entirely free and poses no potential threat to you. If you don't believe me, check out our privacy policy located here. So, I bid you adue to begin your adventures.

Head Developer